"Peter has a unique insight in bringing to the surface many enjoyable aspects of my past and the strong foundation they have given me today. He was also very skilled in unpacking additional layers of the me I used to love being and had forgotten about! Often Peter would say ‘What I hear you saying is….’  and I would be pleasantly surprised by what he had heard me say. Peter also asked me to bring along a photo of myself as a teenager, which added unexpected depth to my ability to recall things I enjoyed doing back then, and also helped me reflect on how far I had come and how I felt about the changes that I'd made in my life. In all, Peter is very skilled at being able to identify connections between what I enjoyed then and what I am good at now...and why. All of this took place in Peter's gentle and supportive way, which made the hour reflecting on my life not only insightful but enjoyable and relaxing. I'd highly recommend this process and Peter's services to anyone! "  G. Edwards, Adelaide 

"It was an enlightening experience working with you to help me realise the enjoyment of “Being Me”. You made me mindful of some lost memories from my childhood that had shown me some of my strengths in life. I’m talking about my years as a Scout from Junior Scouts to Troop leader. They were some of my enjoyable years as a young child to early teen.  Your course helped me get in touch with what’s important today and that yesterday was in the past and there was nothing I could do to change that and to let go of the past. I would recommend your course to anyone, no matter what tribe they come from or what problems in life they face. It was great to just realise that Life is a true gift and to enjoy each day, be present and not to worry about tomorrow."                       C.. Harris, Adelaide,  

"We all look to create better work-life balance. Peter helped me to value life-work balance instead – putting life first and work as just one part of life. I now get on with enjoying living, instead of focusing on how to get through the daily grind. Thank God it’s not too late!"    A. Love, Adelaide

"As Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of an award-winning global media digest, I've had the unique opportunity to curate thousands of essays on topics from across the life, culture, and business spectrum over the past decade-plus. As one of our premier Featured Contributors, Peter has from day one distinguished his works from so many others via his mastery of the written word, and at a time when humanity needs genuine, balanced, perspective. Such authenticity is not only rare but sets a worthy standard for so many others to follow. I and we are proud to be associated with such a fine human being". DENNIS PITOCCO, CHIEF REIMAGINATOR | AWARD-WINNING 360° NATION

Peter's personal branding can best be summarised in one word "Ease".  He exudes a beautiful sense of ease, his messages are about putting the client at ease, that backing your authentic self is the essence of putting your mind at ease about your life. 

L.Mooney Adelaide http://biodagar.com/about

“Peter is an Australian pioneer in the now overcrowded work life balance industry, yet despite the rising competition he has stayed true to his beliefs and offers a personalised service that is about results over profits. I admire Peter's genuine love and interest in his clients and his ability to adopt new technology wherever necessary to get his message across. Without hesitation I recommend Peter's unique approach to realising any individual's true potential.” Keith Arnold, LOUD Communications Pty Ltd, Adelaide

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