Peter Nicholls, Australia's People Gardener,

is your personal (or corporate) Lifestyle Mentor 


Specializing in re-asserting the self-development benefits of:

The Enjoyment Factor


 It's the natural and essential ingredient for strong personal growth and maximising your potential - at work and in personal life.  


Enjoy improving the quality of your:

  • personal growth,   work life harmony,    mental and physical fitness 

       talent development,    transition from work to your "dessert years". 


A List of Leisure Ideas

Need a new  interest? 

Enjoy Work Life Harmony

It's better than balance

What is Mental Wellbeing?

Personal and Corporate

Enjoy Workplace Mental Fitness

My positive perspective 

My natural recipe for lifelong enjoyment is to regularly fertilize your natural-born talents with passionate interests and mix often with positive like-minded people.  When you lose yourself in an interest you really enjoy, you find yourself.


My sensitively-structured programs are backed by more than 30 years of professional experience in recreation/leisure planning and development, working with people of all ages, backgrounds and interests.  It's all about positive human behaviour, applicable at work, home and play.

My clients say I listen like they are the only person on the earth and they appreciate my non-judgmental approach.  

Acorn to Tree


Why does Peter call himself Australia’s People Gardener? 

Because people are a part of, not above, nature. You were born with unique natural talents and passions to enable your true potential to blossom.

But today's pressures and the expectations of others threaten to choke your natural life energy. I am highly experienced in re-introducing stressed people to their natural self.


The acorn's natural  destiny is to  blossom into a mighty oak.   Your talents create your destiny.



"Peter really does project the image of a gardener tending his 'plants', helping clients to develop fertile environments in which their lives can flourish and blossom.


The Hunger to Grow 800enjoybeingyou

The Hunger to Grow

How to Enjoy Your Dessert Years. The hunger to grow is as important as the hunger to eat


Enjoy Being You

Learn how your leisure interests

can naurally unlock your talents, passions

and unique potential - for work and personal growth.


Enjoy Being Proud of Who You Are

52 Inspirational Life-Skill Messages for Teenagers

$AUD18.49 incl. postage


    to enjoy life to the max at work, home and play.

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